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Belkin BU3DC000-12V RG Broadband Battery

Belkin BU3DC000-12V RG Broadband Battery
High Performance
Brand New Fresh Stock
1 Year Warranty Included

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Model Description: Belkin BU3DC000-12V RG Broadband Battery Replacement
Compatibility: BU3DC000-12V RG Broadband
Condition: Fresh Stock
Includes: BU3DC000-12V RG Broadband Replacement Battery
Warranty: 1 year full replacement warranty included, additional warranty is available
Life time expectancy: 3-5 years
Manufacturer: UPS Battery Center Ltd.

The BU3DC000-12V RG Broadband replacement battery is a high quality UPS Rated sealed lead acid battery that is designed to provide excellent performance and long life in UPS devices. This battery meets or exceeds original manufacturer specifications.

Our batteries are new and always fresh stock. The BU3DC000-12V RG Broadband battery is covered by our industry leading 1 year replacement warranty. Extended warranty of up to 3 years is available for your convenience.

Belkin BU3DC000-12V Battery Replacement Instructions:

1. Turn off power switch. Disconnect the RG Battery Backup from power and disconnect any connected devices

2. Remove the battery door on the rear of the Belkin RG Battery Backup by pressing the tab on the top of the battery door and pulling outward

3. Remove the battery from enclosure; remove the wire connections from the battery

4. Connect the new battery (black-to-black, red-to-red); place the battery into enclosure.

WARNING: Carefully connect the wires to the correct terminals. The red (+) wire is labeled with a tag. The replacement battery has color-coded terminals. RED to RED, BLACK to BLACK. (red = +, black = -). Do not misconnect the wires.

5. Securely reconnect battery door.

6. Plug in the RG Battery Backup and attach any needed devices

The Belkin BU3DC000-12V RG Broadband Replacement Battery consists of (1) High Quality 12V 7.2Ah Battery.

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