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APC RBC2fl Battery

APC RBC2fl Battery
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1 Year Replacement Warranty

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Model Description:Replacement battery for the APC RBC2fl
Compatibility:APC AP330, AP330XT+, AP360, AP360SX, AP600BackUPS 200 - 1 battery version, BackUPS 200B - 1 battery version, BackUPS 250B, BackUPS 280, BackUPS 280B, BackUPS 300, BackUPS 400, BackUPS 400B, BackUPS 500M, BackUPS 500MC,BackUPS 700UC, BackUPS CS500, BackUPS Pro 280, BackUPS Pro 280BPNP, BackUPS Pro 280C, BackUPS Pro 280PNP, BackUPS Pro 280S, BackUPS Pro 420, BackUPS Pro 420C, BackUPS Pro 420PNP, BackUPS Pro 420S, , BackUPS Pro 500CLR, BackUPS Pro 500CLR, BackUPS Pro 500U, Personal Powercell, PowerCell Personal, Pro 350 USB, Professional PowerCell, SmartUPS 420, SmartUPS 420NET, SmartUPS 420NET, SmartUPS VS420 units
Can be Cross Referenced with:
RBC2, BAT0370, C4622A, GP1270F2, HP C4622A, LC-R126R5PG, LC-R127R2CH1, LC-R127R2P1, LC-R129CH1, LCR129PU1, LCR12V6.5BP1, LCR-12V6.5BPI, LCR12V6.5P, LCR12V6.5P1, LCR12V6.5P-1, LCR12V7.2, LCR12V7.2P, LCR12V7.2P1, LCR-12V7.2P1, LCR-12V7.2PI, LCR12V7P1, PS1270, PS-1270, PS-1270F1, BC3324, RBC51, UP-RW1245P1, NP7-12, NP7-12FR
Condition:Brand new fresh stock
Includes: RBC2fl Replacement Battery
Warranty:1 year full replacement warranty included, additional warranty is available
Life time expectancy:3-5 years
Manufacturer:UPS Battery Center Ltd.

The APC RBC2fl replacement battery is a high quality battery designed to provide excellent performance and long life in UPS applications.

Our batteries are new and always fresh stock. The APC RBC2fl battery is covered by our industry leading 1 year replacement warranty. Extended warranty of up to 3 years is available for your convenience. Our warranty is inclusive of shipping costs and is hassle free, the only warranty of this kind in the marketplace.

The replacement battery for the APC RBC2fl will provide excellent performance, run time and life time.

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